Can You Hear Water Running?

Fortunately, Inland Empire Leak Detection is here to help. We have years of industry experience in helping our customers diagnose the cause of their leak. Notably, we offer FREE leak detection. Yes, that’s right; we’ll come to your home and figure out where your leak is coming from at no charge to you. We work to build trust with our customers, and after discovering the source of your leak, we will then convey to you the best course of action. Should you need repairs, we do ones that are least invasive and most cost effective. Therefore, you do not need to worry about jackhammers busting up your floors!

Signs You Have a Leak

If you’re worried your home is suffering from a leak, contact us at 951-442-5339 and we’ll send someone to provide you with FREE leak detection services to deliver you with the answers you need. We service clients through the Riverside, CA area, including those in Corona, Moreno Valley, Chino Hills, Temecula and Murrieta.

So how do you know if you have a non-obvious leak in your home? Well, for many of our clients, they discover a potential leak when their water bill is unexpectedly high. Of course, puddled water on your floor that stems from a slab leak is another telltale sign, as is low water pressure, feeling like you’re walking on a “hot floor” and discovering cracks in your floor are other examples of warning signs.

Outside Leak Detection