How to Prevent a Concrete Slab Leak

Concrete Slab Leak Repair in Riverside, CA

Of all the household water leaks that can develop on your property, a slab leak is one of the most detrimental. Every home has a system of pipes running through its concrete foundation. If your foundation shifts or your pipes start to corrode, you might find yourself dealing with a concrete slab leak.

Luckily, armed with the right knowledge and resources, there are steps you can take to prevent your pipes from springing one of these harmful leaks. Reduce the likelihood of a slab leak in your home by taking these precautions to keep your pipes from becoming vulnerable!

Keep an eye on your water pressure.

Excessive water pressure will weaken your pipes over time, which can lead to a slab leak or even make them burst. High water pressure is often signaled by a loud thud every time you turn your tap on/off or flush your toilet—a phenomenon known as water hammer. If you hear these noises, adjust your water pressure gauge or bring in a professional to inspect and modify your system.

Monitor the mineral content of your water.

If your water has high mineral content, it’s referred to as hard. Soft water, on the other hand, has low mineral content. Water that leans too far in either direction can cause corrosion in your pipes that leads to a concrete slab leak. If you notice small leaks in your home, have your water hardness evaluated and install a water softener if necessary, to prevent further damage.

Don’t use chemical drain cleaners.

Pouring Drano into your pipes may seem like an easy fix for a straightforward clog, but it can be far more destructive than you think! Harsh chemicals may unclog your drain, but they also eat away at your pipes over time. Instead of risking more extensive and costly damage down the road, opt to snake a clogged drain or call a plumber instead.

A concrete slab leak can do serious damage to your home and your bank account if you don’t find the best solutions for prevention and repair! At Inland Empire Leak Detection, we offer affordable options and unparalleled expertise in slab leak detection and rehabilitation. Contact our specialists today to learn more about the signs of a concrete slab leak and the free leak detection services we offer for our customers!