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3 Reasons Your Kitchen Sink Smells Bad

Women cleaning the kitchen sink

You’ve just gotten out of bed and head downstairs to make your morning cup of coffee, but before you can even pick out the mug of the day, your nostrils are rudely disrupted by a foul smell from the kitchen sink. Your kitchen is the heart of the home; it’s where all your meals are… Read more »

Home Maintenance Tips for the Holiday Season

Christmas night lights decorating house in California

The holiday season is approaching fast, which means there is much to do in preparation! With more people coming in and out of your home for festive celebrations and holiday dinners, ensuring your home is safe for all your guests is important. Here are a few home maintenance tips to follow this holiday season so… Read more »

5 Ways to Save Water at Home

Conceptual faucet in sea. - this is a 3d render illustration

With population growth, extreme community development, and global warming at the forefront of our realities, many cities are enforcing water restrictions to ensure a clean and reliable water supply for all. You can do a few simple things at home to ease the burden on your local water supply and save money on your water… Read more »