5 Ways to Save Water at Home

With population growth, extreme community development, and global warming at the forefront of our realities, many cities are enforcing water restrictions to ensure a clean and reliable water supply for all.

You can do a few simple things at home to ease the burden on your local water supply and save money on your water bill in the process!

1) Install Water Saving Showerheads

Your hardware or plumbing supply store stocks inexpensive shower heads or flow restrictors that will cut your shower flow to about three gallons a minute instead of five to ten. They are easy to install, and your showers will still be cleansing and refreshing.

2) Plant Drought-Tolerant Plants

Spend less time and energy watering your lawn by making smart plant purchases. A little research can go a long way to finding the best native or drought-tolerant plants in your area. 

Drought-resistant plants like aloe and geranium can survive with less rainfall and watering. Native plants are already accustomed to the climate and natural rainfall. While you’ll still need to maintain them, they should require much less work than exotic plant species.

3) Reuse Towels before Washing

Reuse bath and hand towels two or three times before tossing them in the laundry, hanging them to dry in between washes. Blue jeans are another item that doesn’t need to be constantly washed. They’ll likely last longer the less they see the machine.

4) Turn Off the Faucet as You Brush

While brushing your teeth twice a day is important, turning the faucet off during teeth cleaning can save 10 gallons of water daily. Use a cup, rather than your hands, to rinse your mouth once you’ve finished brushing to save even more water!

5) Check for Leaks Regularly

Don’t waste 105 gallons of water on leaky bathroom appliances. These appliances or pipe leaks are a major waste of water, and the worst part is that you’re not aware you’re using them.

At Inland Empire Leak Detection, our family-owned and operated leak detection and repair company can give you a free leak inspection! We will find the problem, let you know your best course of action, and offer to make any necessary repairs after obtaining your authorization.

Call us today at (951)442-5339 to learn about our emergency leak repair services and save water and money at home!  

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