High Water Bill? Here are 4 Potential Culprits

Most responsible home owners keep close track of their various bills each month. Certain utility costs can be expected to fluctuate based on the time of year, such as a higher gas bill in the winter from heating or higher electric bill in the summer from air conditioning. But unless you add a new appliance or resident to your household, your water bill should remain fairly consistent.

If you notice your water bill has skyrocketed or is climbing steadily from one month to the next, then there’s likely something amiss that’s causing the increase. Check out some of the most common potential causes you should be on the lookout for below.

1) Leaky Toilets

A toilet that leaks or continues to run after flushing can waste thousands of gallons (and hundreds of dollars) of water every month! Toilet leaks are usually a result of a failing flapper or a leak in the overflow. If you hear any dripping or hissing sounds or the tank is not refilling after a flush, you’ll want to call a professional to investigate and repair.

2) Underground Leaks

Hidden water leaks can happen in pipes that are underground or tucked behind your walls and give minimal indication of their presence until your water bill multiplies. These leaks can be due to a number of causes, such as old pipes, invasive roots, or rust buildup. Try turning off your water supply and checking if the meter still runs. If it does, you probably have a hidden leak.

3) Outdated Fixtures & Appliances

Old appliances that use water—toilets, showers, sinks, washing machines, etc.—don’t operate as efficiently as they used to or as newer models. If this is the source of your high water bill, the monthly cost increase will be a gradual one. Check the manufacturing date on your equipment to see if anything is out of date.

4) Poor Water Habits

A lot of the time, we’re wasting water in our homes without even realizing it. Evaluate your routine to look for wasteful water habits, such as running laundry half full, overwatering the lawn, leaving the sink running while brushing your teeth/shaving/cooking, or taking unnecessarily long showers. Even just a change in water habits, such as a new house guest or kids returning home from school, can cause a considerable increase in your bill.

If your water bill is suddenly more expensive than usual and you can’t pinpoint the source, Inland Empire Leak Detection has your back. Give us a call, and we’ll have our plumbing specialist perform a free leak inspection in your Riverside home. Once we find the source of the problem, we’ll repair it with non-invasive, cost-effective methods.

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