How to Keep Your Home’s Plumbing Secure While You’re Away

Going on vacation is always exciting, but it’s important to remember to take care of your home before you leave. Your plumbing system is a necessary part of your home that needs attention before you go. The last thing you want is to be relaxing on the beach only to receive a call about a plumbing disaster back home! To prevent this, taking a few proactive steps to ensure your home stays safe while you’re out of town is a good idea.

Here are some simple steps to keep your home’s plumbing under control while you are away!

Check Your Faucets and Fixtures

Before embarking on your travels, conducting a comprehensive inspection of all faucets and fixtures in your home is crucial. This may seem like a basic task, but ensuring no minor leaks or drips could develop into larger issues over time is essential. Additionally, check the area beneath your sinks for any signs of moisture or water stains. If you notice anything unusual, it’s recommended that you investigate and contact a qualified leak detection specialist.

Shut Off Main Water Valve

For those who want that extra layer of security, consider shutting off your home’s main water valve. This action means no water will flow into your house while you’re away, dramatically reducing the chance of any unforeseen leaks.

Important Reminder: If you have sprinklers or any outdoor watering systems, they will also be affected by the shut-off of the main water valve, so plan accordingly!

Inspect Your Appliances

Household appliances, especially those connected to water lines, can sometimes malfunction. Before leaving, inspect machines like your dishwasher, washing machine, and even your refrigerator’s ice maker. Ensure they’re in good working condition and their supply hoses show no signs of wear or potential leaks. A burst hose can lead to significant water damage if not detected promptly.

Clear Your Drains

If you notice water draining slowly from your sinks, showers, or tubs, it may indicate a larger problem. Slow drains can cause unpleasant smells or even backup if a sudden issue arises. To avoid these problems, it’s important to ensure that your drains are functioning efficiently. You can use a natural cleaning solution, like a combination of baking soda and vinegar, to remove small blockages and keep your drains clean and free-flowing.

Following these tips lets you relax and fully enjoy your vacation without worrying about your home. However, consider seeking professional assistance from Inland Empire Leak Detection to ensure absolute security! With our wide range of services, from water leak detection to concrete slab repair, we can ensure your home stays safe from damage while you are away. 

Call us at (951)442-5339 or fill out our contact form online for more information on our services. 

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