A Comprehensive Guide to Post-Holiday Plumbing Maintenance

You spent a lot of time and energy preparing your home for the holiday season, but as the chaos and busyness of this time of year begin to wind down, it’s a good time to turn your attention to the often-overlooked aspect of post-holiday home care: your plumbing system. The holidays can exert extra pressure on your plumbing, from the influx of guests to the extra cooking and cleaning.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to ensure your plumbing is in top shape as you start the new year.

Inspect and Address Any Immediate Issues

It’s important to start by inspecting your entire plumbing system thoroughly. Check for any obvious issues, such as leaks, drips, or clogged drains, that may have occurred during the busy holiday season. If you find any problems, address them immediately to prevent them from becoming bigger issues.

Check Your Water Heater

The holiday season can put additional strain on your water heater. Ensure it’s set at the recommended temperature (usually around 120 degrees Fahrenheit) to prevent scalding and conserve energy. Also, look for signs of wear, like rust or water pooling around the base.

Examine Faucets and Showerheads

Check all your faucets and showerheads for signs of dripping or leaking. Over time, even a small drip can significantly increase your water bill and lead to more extensive water damage.

Assess Your Toilets

Give your toilets a thorough check. Look for signs of leakage at the base and test the flush. If it’s running longer than necessary, this might indicate an internal leak.

Clear Out Drains and Garbage Disposal

Over the holidays, the increase in cooking and entertaining can take a toll on your kitchen drains and garbage disposal. Make sure they are clear of food debris and functioning properly. A natural cleaner like baking soda and vinegar can help clear out minor clogs and eliminate odors.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

For a comprehensive maintenance check, consider scheduling a professional plumbing inspection. An expert can spot issues that might not be immediately visible and offer advice on any potential upgrades or replacements that may be beneficial.

As we start the new year, ensuring that your home’s plumbing system is functioning efficiently is important, especially after the busy holiday season. If you’ve noticed any leaks or just want peace of mind with a professional check-up, Inland Empire Leak Detection has your back. We offer our customers free leak inspections and detections in Riverside, CA, and surrounding areas. In addition to free leak inspections and detections, we provide various other services, including concrete slab leak repairsrepiping plumbing services, and emergency plumbing leak repairs.

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