Why You Should Call A Professional Leak Detection Specialist If You Suspect a Water Leak

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The signs of a water leak don’t always come on suddenly or noticeably. A smaller or hidden leak can have a more subtle presence—a slight drop in water pressure or the brief waft of a foul odor after a flush of the toilet.

Although you may suspect a water leak when you notice these problems, you can’t be sure of it the same way you are when the ceiling is dripping water into a giant puddle on the floor. Here’s why, instead of attempting to determine if you’re dealing with a leak yourself, the smarter choice is always to bring in a professional leak detection specialist.

A professional will be able to confirm a water leak using non-invasive methods.

Leaks are often somewhere deep in your plumbing system. It will be nearly impossible, or at the least exceedingly difficult, for you to locate a water leak lurking behind your walls, in your roof, or even in your home’s foundation. But while you would have to tear your house apart to find the source of a leak, a professional will have access to non-invasive methods of leak detection, such as infrared and ultrasonic technology.

Identify water leaks quickly when you bring in a leak detection specialist.

Advanced training and tools allow specialists to detect water leaks in a single house call. Don’t waste time digging (or paying someone to dig) to try to find the source of a leak you’re not even sure is there. Or even worse, don’t wait until you see signs of it getting worse or for your water bill to skyrocket. When you call in a professional to inspect for leaks, you’ll get accurate same-day results.

A leak detection specialist can set you up with the repair solutions you need if you do have a water leak.

If left untreated, a water leak can cause serious and costly damage. When a professional leak inspector comes to your home to detect a water leak, they will be able to offer you the best solutions for getting it fixed ASAP. During an inspection, a specialist will pinpoint the exact location and severity of the leak you’re dealing with. This will allow them to determine the most efficient way to repair it and have it addressed before it becomes a bigger problem.

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