How Does Infrared Leak Detection Work?

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Like in any industry, technologies and methodologies used in plumbing are always changing. New innovations benefit plumbing professionals and property owners alike by making services more efficient and affordable. An example of one of the latest and leading advances in the field is the use of infrared technology for detecting hidden water leaks.

So, how exactly does infrared leak detection work? And how can we benefit from using this method?

Infrared leak detection uses thermal imaging technology to identify changes in temperature that are caused by moisture.

Using an infrared camera, leak detection specialists can see if and where there are spots within your walls, floors, or roof that are radiating more or less heat than the area around them. Often, these subtle differences in temperature are caused by the presence of water pooling or evaporating. Depending on environmental conditions and the type of leak, these spots can be either warmer or cooler than their surroundings.

Moisture also typically leaves recognizable thermal patterns within your home’s foundation as it spreads. In addition to temperature variations, infrared technology can detect these patterns as well.

Infrared technology offers several advantages for homeowners and water leak professionals compared to other detection methods.


Thermal imaging is one of the most accurate ways to identify water leaks that may not be visible to the naked eye. Aside from reliable results, this method can also pinpoint exact leak locations to make the repair process quicker and easier.


Infrared leak detection saves time and money by detecting hidden leaks quickly, catching them before any major water damage is done. Specialists using this technology can tell you whether or not you have a water leak that needs to be addressed immediately after performing the inspection.


Before infrared and similar leak detection technology emerged, the only way for a professional to identify a water leak for certain was to tear apart the walls, floors, or roof of your home to see it for themselves. Thermal imaging can deliver an answer with a quick and easy scan, making it the safer and more convenient option for your home and family.

Here at Inland Empire Leak Detection, our specialists use both infrared and ultrasonic techniques to inspect your home for hidden water leaks.

In one quick visit, we can tell you whether or not you’re dealing with a water leak, pinpoint the source, and recommend what steps to take next—all at no cost to you! Then, our repair experts will provide you with a quote and wait for your authorization before completing the work.

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