The Top Reasons You’re Experiencing a Concrete Slab Leak

Most homes are built on a basement or concrete slab foundation, making it an affordable option for many homeowners. It also provides the home with structural integrity. However, some concrete slabs may suffer from slab leaks

These leaks occur when water leaks from the pipes under a slab and gets into the basement unnoticed. Water goes into the foundation’s cracks, causing pressure and eventually damaging it.

Here are the top reasons you might be experiencing a concrete slab leak in your home! 

Earth Settling

The earth may shift and settle beneath the concrete slab foundation, similar to what occurs during an earthquake, but it happens gradually over a long period. The shifting can cause the ground to put additional pressure on the pipes, making them leak or even burst. That water will also find its way through the concrete slab foundation and into the residence.

Chemical Reactions

Water pipes are usually made of copper. This metal can react to other elements in the soil, mostly minerals, which may cause them to decompose over time. The process where this happens is known as electrolysis. This is also affected by the heat of the water going through the pipe.

Pipes that carry hot water corrode from the outside; pipes that carry cold water do the opposite. Either way, the water will start leaking from the pipes into the concrete slab after a while.

Water Pipe Issues

All pipes expand and contract with changing temperatures. When the pipes burst or become unhinged, water may enter the slab. The installation includes wrapping the pipes in a protective layer to avoid this problem. However, this wrapping wears out and tears over time, and that’s where water can leak into the slab and home.

There are many ways to prevent a concrete slab leak, but depending on the age of your pipes, you may need professional help. Inland Empire Leak Detection offers free leak inspections and concrete slab repair services! The repairs we make are non-invasive (as in no jackhammers tearing apart your flooring) and cost-effective. 

Contact us at (951)442-5339 for more information about our concrete slab leak repair and detection services! 

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